Sunday, September 7, 2008

Directions to Bridal Veil Oregon & why you should stop along I-84

How do you get to Bridal Veil?
Follow Oregon's Interstate 84 as it traces the flow of the mighty Columbia River
. Bridal Veil is east of Portland at exit is 28, between Troutdale and Hood River. While your vehicle is still climbing the exit ramp be sure to look immediately to your right. If it is daylight the American flag will greet you! The flag flies proudly in place over the tiny Bridal Veil post office.

The Bridal Veil Historical Preservation Society is busy raising funds to secure this structure's future by acquiring a permanent lot for the post office.
Plans also include building wrought iron fencing around the cemetery.

This ancient post office's appeal is not about grandiose architecture, but is a reminder of another era and the pioneer spirit that first settled along the Columbia's beautiful rugged shores.

Today the area is sparsely populated with folks who treasure yesteryear. Together they work to preserve the area's history for generations to come. Current dedication focuses on one of America's smallest post offices, a wooden church and a cemetery.

What can you do to help?
  • Become a member of the Bridal Veil Historical Preservation Society. Annual membership dues are $20.00.
  • Come to the Societies Inaugural Benefit Auction October 25th, 2008. Tickets are $25.00 per person. The auction will be held at a private local 1916 villa that has its own 171' waterfall cascading through the back yard. Be sure to make arrangements as soon as possible!
  • Make a tax deductible donation to the Bridal Veil Historical Preservation Society
  • Donate an auction item or service

Fees can be paid via paypal by using the email address;

Checks can be mailed to
Bridal Veil Historical Preservation Society
Post Office Box 33
Bridal Veil, OR 97010

Friday, September 5, 2008

Today in Bridal Veil Oregon . . .

One thing at a time . . .
Where is Bridal Veil?
Bridal Veil Oregon can be reached by traveling Oregon's most scenic highway, I-84, along the Columbia River Gorge. At exit 28 take a refreshing detour to savor the beauty of this tiny hamlet. This is also a great place to begin exploring the back roads and regional waterfalls of the historic Columbia River Highway.

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Where is Bridal Veil? (answered September 5th, 2008)

What is happening in Bridal Veil?

What will I see in Bridal Veil?

Who knows about Bridal Veil?

What is the Bridal Veil Historical Preservation Society?

How can I join your organization?

What is the history of this area?

Are there events in this area?

How long has the post office existed?

Can you still mail something at the post office?

When is the Inaugural Benefit Auction for the Bridal Veil Land & Post Office Acquisition Fund? Where will it be?

How can I help preserve the future of the post office?

Tell me about the people and businesses who call this area "home".